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Christmas Book Ideas

Well, my thoughts have finally got round to Christmas. I can’t stand the thought of fighting my way through the shops so I’ve decided to do some internet browsing. I’ve even managed to order some presents and I am just waiting for them dropping through my letter box. Here’s my top pick of books for this Christmas.

When I visit people and they realise I like gardening, I often get asked what plant could go where, or what can I do with that bit at the back of the garden. I love my gardening books and try hard to have some plan before I set off to the garden centre. Always full of good ideas and sure that I won’t just pick up something from that display that hits you as you walk through the door.

So, my first book comes from the RHS. They do a great variety of little reference books, Good Plant Guides, Month by Month, but my pick for this year is What Plant When. It breaks the plants into seasons, so if you’re like me and your garden looks great in the growing season and then you get a bit fed up when it gets cold then this is ideal.


A very popular activity this year has been growing your own vegetables. For those of you who are novices and don’t know where to start this is great.


Hessayon have a wide range of books for the keen gardener. If you’re looking to improve your lawn, grow vegetables, plant containers, find out about pests and diseases, maintain your greenhouse, the list is endless.


A book I came across in the Summer which deals with the changing climate and how we have to adapt to the drier (!) seasons is Matthew Wilson’s New Gardening. It is full of lots of helpful, common sense tips and then there are some great ideas of what you can achieve in your garden.


Something I don’t know anything about is flower arranging. However, I know a woman who does and this will be in her Christmas stocking. It’s a beautiful book full of contemporary projects, large and small.



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