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March 11, 2009, 11:22 am
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I am officially demented.  We have a rookery across the road from our house.  This would be fine if we lived in the country but we don’t, it’s a small housing estate.  And they are driving me to distraction.  It’s like a scene from the birds – they sit on our roof and it sounds like they’re breaking in, but more importantly they eat all the bird food I put out for the robins and blue tits.


I’ve been in and out the garden for days scaring them away.  Slamming doors and windows whenever they’re on the bird feeders, hanging up wind chimes, I’ve even stuck  bubble wrap to various points of the fences hoping to scare them away I think it just gives them a comfy seat.  Please can someone tell me how to stop them eating everything in sight?

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I recommend you read this book: Corvus, a Life with Birds, by Esther Woolfson.

Comment by Barbara

Checked it out, sounds like something I should read and then pass on to the rest of the street.

Comment by markgorman

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