Suntrap Garden

You don’t see this everyday



Open Day – Sunday 24 May

What a perfect Summer’s day we had.  The weather was beautiful, the garden was busy.


But, I think Eubee, the snowy owl, might have been the star attraction for many.


Feed the Birds
December 4, 2008, 10:29 am
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I went into the kitchen this morning and was met by this sight in the garden.


Which reminds me, it’s really easy to feed the birds and not expensive. All the major DIY, supermarkets and pet stores stock bird food and accessories at a reasonable cost. You can buy the more expensive feeders because they look nice but it’s not necessary.

Another good way to save money is to buy the wild bird seed and peanuts in large kilo bags and store them in large covered dustbins. You’ll be amazed how quickly the birds get through the seed and you’ll be back and forth filling the feeders up.

But can anyone tell me how to encourage them into my bird baths?